Asuga EVO


helmet dryer with ionizer



Asuga is the innovative helmet dryer with ionizer that meets the needs not only of professional drivers but of all driving lovers, from the city scooter driver to the most inveterate geeks of track day sessions!

It efficiently and quickly solves one of the most annoying problems for riders: dry and sanitize their helmet and take advantage of a dedicated support surface.

The operation of Asuga is incredibly simple but effective, it uses a very high performance fan to convey a significant flow of air inside the helmet; the incoming air is sanitized by an ionizer that sanitizes the air from germs and bacteria thus eliminating annoying odors.

The precise choice not to use heated air also avoids damage to the padding of the helmets and to the adhesives of the internal walls, guarantees low electrical consumption and working in maximum safety.

Asuga allows you to keep the helmet always dry, sanitized and in optimal conditions, this greatly increases the duration of the internal padding and extends the life of the helmet itself.

Designed by the famous designer Aldo Drudi of Drudi Preformance and assembled in Italy. The structure, completely made of anodized aluminum, ensures a very high impact resistance combined with a comfortable lightness.

Equipped with 110V to 220V power supply, it works without problems even in the United States.

Asuga helmet bag in technical fabric included, it can accommodate a full-face helmet, the Asuga ionizer and a Hans collar.

Technical features:

Input power supply 100-240VAC

1.5A @ 50-60Hz

12Vdc 4A output

average fan speed 3200 RPM

Air flow 3.68m³ / min

Blue led lighting

Ignition switch with blue LED

Power supply weight excluded 1kg